Desert Island Desks - Vidhi Sharma

What would our castaway industry figure Vidhi Sharma take with her to a desert island?

Vidhi has worked across the design and build industry for 11 years, working on myriad projects across all fields of commerce. She loves texture and colour, and has been the lead designer on some of our most creative projects in London including Alpha FX's new headquarters, Tag Worldwide's relocation to Aldgate Tower and SLG's office in Cheltenham's Brewery Quarter. 

Here's what Vidhi would take away with her to a desert island:

Cocktail set and limitless booze

I'd like to think of my desert island experience as being one big holiday, with this in mind the need for a cocktail set and limitless booze speaks for itself. 

My dog, Bailey

Bailey is a Red Nose Pitbull and would, without a doubt, be an essential companion on the island. Endless cuddles and entertainment, what more could you want? 

Paints (acrylics specifically) and an easel

I have always wanted to start painting, so being stranded on a desert island seems like the perfect opportunity to start. 

The Win Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami 

This is my current read, which I have only just started - so naturally would have to take with me. It's also already confusing, so I think i would need to read it three times. 

Indian daybed

This would be my designer version of a sun lounger and would ideally have a woven cotton ben and a timber teak frame - think a Pierre Jeanneret daybed. 

Fairy lights

Fairy lights have the power to add a touch of magic to any space af therefore are an essential item for my time on the desert island. 


Juke Box:

  • Love invaders - Fatima Yamaha
  • Raingurl – Yaeji
  • All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
  • Still Dre - Dr Dre
  • The Great Curve - Talking Heads
  • Raat Baaqi Baat Baaqi - Bappi Lahiri / Ashe Bhosle
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