Case Study

Alpha FX


  • Open plan office
  • Meeting rooms
  • Breakout areas
  • Boardroom
  • Kitchen/Cafe
  • Teapoint

Special Features

Presentation room / Bar and dining area / Barbershop / Gym / Tech room

Photography credit

Tom Fallon Photography


15,500 SQ FT

A Reflection of the Company's Vision

The Paddington office space of Alpha FX reflects the character and personality of the business, with CEO Morgan Tillbrook actively involved in the design process. The main goal was to create a space where everything felt purposefully placed. The furniture layout was carefully designed with beautiful symmetry, balancing formality and comfort. An abstract rug pattern featuring yellow and orange flecks added a touch of vibrancy.

Modus Workspace AlphaFX reception.jpg

A Space Where Industrial Meets Natural

Located in the Brunel Building, the office faced challenges associated to its concrete core which needed to be left alone but the space offered great natural lighting and stunning city views. The design effectively blended the industrial elements of concrete and steel with natural materials, creating a dramatic yet inviting work environment. Orange LED lighting highlighted the exposed RSJs, celebrating the building's architectural complexity.

The office space was not only designed for longevity but also to leave a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike. The integration of industrial and natural elements reflected Alpha FX's vision, aligning the workspace with the company's ethos and values.

Modus Workspace AlphaFX collaboration spaces.jpg