Understanding your workplace needs


We are the UK’s leading office fit out company, with over thirty years of design & build experience – but we started out as a dedicated workplace consultancy. It’s still a huge part of who we are. Our team of workplace consultants are unrivalled, offering an in-depth analysis of your office space, suggesting actionable changes for improvement that will have powerful lasting effects on your business’s success.

Our workplace consultancy services


Our workplace consultants are leaders in the field. Their unparalleled experience and expertise allow them to compile a litany of data points, generating a detailed and complete picture of your office, from space utilisation to staff wellbeing. Our consultants will then develop a report, containing many actionable suggestions that will allow you to create a future-facing office space, supporting changing ways of working and dramatically improving productivity and workplace morale.


Our Process

Step 1

Briefing Phase

The workplace consultancy is briefed on the current state of the workplace, and the parameters of the project are set.

Step 2

Strategizing phase

Tours and studies of the office are undertaken, and the consultancy sets about strategizing and creating their own strategic brief.

Step 3

Study phase

Space utilisation studies are carried out and validated.

Step 4

Surveying phase

Online surveys and 1-on-1 interviews are undertaken with current employees.

Step 5

Recommendation phase

Collecting all the available data, a series of recommendations are made based on the studies undertaken, alongside budgets and a programme.

Your Workplace Consultancy Guide


Download our guide to learn more about how a workplace consultancy could transform your business today.

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