Project Delivery

Our International Services

International project delivery is challenging given the high variability across countries in regulatory frameworks, architectural codes, supply chain capability, health and safety requirements, and product standards.  Our clients simply want their overseas projects to be delivered to the same quality as in the UK or US, and to equivalent budgets and timescales.  They also want to deal with the team they’re familiar with and enjoy the same confidence and peace of mind that everything will be taken care of.

We have spent many years developing our method for each country, understanding regulations and establishing supply chains.  Our clients always deal with the same UK-based project team with the exceptional, international talent pool of designers and construction professionals that exists in London.

International services include:

- Feasibility studies

- International cost comparisons

- Building evaluation

- Expert advice on design trends, cost management, and strategies for workplace efficiency

- Space planning, interior design and 3D modelling

- Furniture procurement

- Technology integration

- Fit out and refurbishment 

- Construction and project management 

- Relocation management 

- Post-control and warranty management support