Workplace Futures Group launches online skills sharing

Our lives are changing rapidly right now, with not only the UK but most of the world going about their daily lives, working, caring for their families and staying inspired by the things they love, all from inside their homes.

At the end of last week, schools across the UK closed. What does this mean? That not only the majority of our team now have their children at home but children all across the UK and the world don’have access to their classroom or teachers to continue the homework or study that they need to progress their schooling 

Georgia enjoying a maths lesson with WFG CEO Toby Benzecry

So, we thought we would rally together (something the WFG family are great at!) and help wherever we can to support these students who have had their studies stalled for the time being. We are so lucky to have an incredibly diverse workplace, with colleagues from all around the world, so we are calling on our team members with suitable experience to lend a hand and answer questions on those hard to grasconcepts or questions causing frustration! 

Toby helping Georgia out with her mathematics!

Now, we are calling on you! If your child has some questions about mathematics, physics, English, geography, history or even languages, our team are here and ready to help over a video or call.  

You can view our available tutors below. We will update our list as more become available:

sign up and get involved get in touch via the email below with your subject request and enquiry: