Modus goes digital with Procore and Sine

We are constantly looking for ways to improve, innovate and provide the very best services to our clients so we can continue to deliver on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards. So, when we heard about Procore, we knew it was the perfect solution for delivering outstanding results every time for our clients.

Procore is a comprehensive construction management platform providing end-to-end project solutions, enabling all phases and aspects of a project to be managed through a simple cloud-based solution.

Procore’s highly intuitive software has allowed our team to collaborate more efficiently as a team and together with our clients and business partners, all through one single platform which is accessible from any web browser, tablet or smartphone, something that has become of huge importance in the last year.


Team Modus using Procore onsite 

Since launching and implementing Procore, and the recent COVID pandemic, we decided it was time to move our onsite attendance system to something more digital. Working with Procore we were able to identify the perfect partner in Sine, a best-in-class visitor management system. Completely cloud-based, it is a platform that allows visitors to sign in and out using a smartphone app that is entirely contactless and something that has been so crucial to running our sites efficiently and effectively in recent times.


Sine fully integrates with Procore, so attendance records can be easily viewed and monitored in either application, which has been a huge benefit during these COVID times.


The Sine check-in and checkout system onsite

We caught up with Tim White, Director of Workplace Futures Group to find out more about how Procore has helped to elevate our project management process.

When the pandemic hit, we knew it was time to start shifting our onsite attendance system to something more digital and accessible for our team. The feedback from clients and our team has already been so positive. It has allowed us to have greater visibility over projects and to clearly evaluate resource productivity.”

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