Case Study

DS Smith


  • Breakout
  • Meeting room
  • Open plan office


9,000 SQ FT

Sustainable Office Space Renovation

DS Smith, a prominent worldwide supplier of corrugated packaging, had surpassed the capacity of their London headquarters. When a neighbouring tenant relocated, it created an opportunity for them to extend their workspace into the adjoining area. Staying true to DS Smith’s sustainability principles, Modus designed and built the new space while retaining a significant portion of the original office layout.

In the first phase, Modus carried out a strip out and CAT A and B fit out of the neighbouring space. They created new offices, meeting rooms, a visitor's room, and a multi-functional boardroom with top VC facilities to connect the HQ with its branches effectively. A welcoming reception was also designed to serve as a focal point for staff and visitors.

DS Smith 01.jpg

Integrates New and Existing Spaces

Once the first phase was complete, the second and third phases focused on physically joining the two spaces and lightly refreshing the existing office for seamless integration. Modus prioritised staff comfort by working during evenings and weekends to minimise downtime, disruption to business activities, and disturbances to employees.

Through this collaborative effort, DS Smith's London headquarters successfully accommodated their growing needs and maintained their commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

DS Smith 07.jpg