What does Fit Out mean?

An office fit out can be a transformative project for your business. Transforming your workplace is undeniably a big task, but you’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come.

Fundamentally, an office fit out is defined as the development of an office space with a view towards fulfilling the needs and requirements of those using it. It’s a reshaping and reconstruction of a space to align its functionality with what the occupants need it to do.

There are a number of technical phases to an office fit out.

Shell & Core (base build)

This first phase covers the outer framework of the building, the inner core, and the concrete and metal frame of the space. There is no interior installation at this stage – each floor looks like a bare concrete box – but lift shafts, lobbies and loading bays are covered.


This is the basic ‘landlord fit out.’ It’s the first fit after shell and core, leaving the interior of the building empty; a blank canvas for the occupier to establish and contract out their own design and construction. Cat A includes the installation of electrical (including lights), plumbing and mechanical services, as well as fire detection systems, suspended ceilings and raised access flooring.


This is the ‘tenant’s fit out’, and is the only occupiable fit out for a potential tenant. This fit out incorporates everything that makes an office space functional, but, most importantly, it provides the framework to bring the tenant’s company to life. A fit out partner joins you in the design phase and builds your space: everything from specialist facilities (teapoints, meeting rooms, collaborative zones) to the installation of technical equipment, furniture and biophilic elements.


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