Key features of a coworking space

Coworking spaces typically have a range of spatial features that are designed to support collaboration, productivity, and creativity. Here are some key spatial features that you might find in a coworking space

Open plan layout

Coworking spaces often have an open plan layout, with a mix of individual workstations and shared areas. This layout encourages collaboration and allows people to easily connect with one another.

Meeting rooms

Coworking spaces often have a range of meeting rooms and conference rooms, which can be used for private meetings or group presentations. These rooms may be equipped with technology such as video conferencing systems and whiteboards.

Common areas

Common areas, such as kitchens, lounges, and break rooms, are often central to the design of coworking spaces. These spaces provide opportunities for informal interactions and can help foster a sense of community within the coworking space.

Flexible workstations

Coworking spaces often have a variety of workstation options, including desks, private offices, and standing desks, to accommodate different work styles and preferences.

Collaborative spaces

Collaborative spaces, such as brainstorming rooms or project rooms, which can be used for group work and idea generation are fundamental to a coworking space.


Coworking spaces may offer a range of technology, such as high-speed internet, printing and scanning facilities, and virtual reality equipment, to support the needs of their members


By incorporating these spatial features, coworking spaces can create a flexible and supportive environment that promotes collaboration and productivity.


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