How relocating your office can benefit employee health and wellbeing

Employee health and wellbeing is a huge facet of modern businesses, and given the importance of employee retention, wellbeing has never been more crucial a consideration. Two-fifths (39%) of employees, according to a 2021 survey, cited a decline in their mental health as a result of their employer not supporting their health and wellbeing during the pandemic, leading a quarter to become less productive, and a full 30% to look for a new job.

While relocating an office can have some negative impacts on employee health and wellbeing, there are also ways in which it can benefit employees. Here are some potential benefits of relocating an office:

Improved work environment

A new office location can provide an opportunity to create a better work environment for employees. This could include features such as natural light, outdoor space, and ergonomic furnishings, which can all contribute to employee health and wellbeing.

Enhanced amenities

A new office location may offer better amenities, such as a gym, a kitchen, or a game room, which can improve employee health and wellbeing.

Improved commuting

If the new office location is closer to employees' homes or more convenient for public transportation, it could lead to shorter commute times and a better overall commuting experience for employees.

New opportunities for collaboration and networking

A new office location can bring employees into contact with new people and organizations, which can lead to new opportunities for collaboration and networking.

Opportunity for growth and development

Relocating an office can be a sign of growth and expansion for a business, which can be exciting and motivating for employees. It can also provide an opportunity for employees to take on new roles or responsibilities as the business grows.

Overall, while relocating an office can be challenging, it can also bring about a number of benefits for employee health and wellbeing. By considering the potential impacts and taking steps to mitigate any negative effects, you can help ensure that the relocation process is a positive experience for your employees.


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