Biophilic Design in the Workplace

At Clerkenwell Design Week 2022 we attended an inspiring and informative talk by Sam McCarthy from Plant Designs which explored how the use of planting in urban working environments can develop dynamic and engaging spaces, as well as boost creativity and collaboration in the workplace. Here are our key takeaways from the talk

Cleaner Air

We all know that plants release oxygen into the atmosphere, but did you know that people need around five litres of oxygen a minute? One of the easiest ways of increasing oxygen levels in the workplace for your employees is with indoor plants and biophilic design. According to N.A.S.A’sstudy, ‘Interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement’, plants can remove up to 87% of common air-borne toxins in just 24 hours, a seriously persuading statistic to invest in some indoor plants.

Improved Health

Studies have shown that live indoor plants can reduce common illnesses. Through the removal of air-borne toxins, plants can improve minor respiratory conditions as well as headaches caused by air pollution. The study ‘Biophelia Hypothesis: The benefits of nature in the workplace’ (plants can also reduce symptoms of fatigue which can lower the chances of burnout.

Less Stress

As well as physical health benefits, plants have a proven ability to reduce stress levels having a positive impact on our mental wellbeing. Interestingly, in Japan doctors frequently prescribe spending time in nature as a treatment for anxiety.

Creative Inspiration

Struggling for inspiration? Look to your nearest plant for help! Research shows that when looking at greenery our brains attention circuits are recalibrated and as a result, restores creativity and improves our focus.


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