Workplace Re-entry

In order to successfully return to the workplace and build towards a long-term goal, businesses must be strategic in their approach. With this in mind, Modus has built a flowchart to help businesses prepare efficiently: 

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Our interactive workplace re-entry flowchart

Our downloadable flowchart has been designed to help businesses develop and execute a robust, practical workplace re-entry plan. 

Access the flowchart here

Our model is built on three fundamental components: preparing a strategy, executing a tactical plan and measuring the results. For the strategic phase, businesses will need to identify objectives and map out a clear path towards achieving them. The tactical phase will then detail everything that needs to be done to in order to accomplish these objectives. Finally, to gauge how well the strategy is working, organisations will need to run routine checks and reports on the business, office and workforce. This will indicate if certain operational aspects need adjusting to achieve the objectives set out in the strategy.


How Modus is facilitating business continuity during this difficult time

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our working practices in accordance with the government guidelines. This will ensure that staff, family members, clients, business partners and the general public are safe.

Please download the useful documents below:


How Modus is reducing the spread of infection on site

During this unprecedented time, it’s important that contractors implement stringent safety regulations on construction sites to reduce the spread of infection. With this in mind, we have developed a robust plan to ensure construction activity can continue, employees are safe and incoming tenants can move in with confidence. 

Please download the useful documents below:


Recommendations on protective screen solutions for your workplace

To ensure your workplace re-entry is as safe and practical as possible, we recommend introducing protective screen options immediately. To give you some idea as to what products are available, we have identified a number of options, including screens for reception desks, collaborative areas and individual workstations. We have also provided a guide price to help inform your decisions. 

Please download the guide here

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